CEO of Cultureminds Therapy, Sharnade George is a qualified British Celebrity Psychotherapist, Talk show host, Journalist and Broadcaster. Sharnade has degrees in Psychology, Counselling Theory and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  Sharnade specialises in the Media and Entertainment industry supporting Tv productions companies in key areas of Psychological health and safety for Tv & Film for the production team, Cast and Contributors along with providing therapeutic services for on-screen contributors, productions teams, journalist an social media influencers.


Sharnade completed her master at the University of East Anglia and gained her Psychology degree from University of West London, her research interest are in Culture and diversity, Psychological well-being and encouraging healthy conversations about Mental Health. Since working in the NHS for over 10 years Sharnade has treated a number of clients children and adults suffering from mild to moderate; Anxiety and Depression. Sharnade started her private work in 2019 when she became best known for popular personality and incredible work with hosting of her online show “In conversation with” and” Keeping up with” a popular programme online where she interviews Celebrities and Social Media influencers who open up and share with her their own personal Mental Health stories. From her interviews there was a high demand of people looking for a Therapist which was when Sharnade created Cultureminds Therapy to help people start there Therapy journey. Sharnade’s  open, warm-hearted personal style won her an award from Women’s Health Magazine as best Expert within her filed in 2020, she continued with to excel in her career and working with great brands, such as Headspace, Channel 4, BBC Sounds and Tedx. Sharnade continues to be an inspiring Psychotherapist within the Media and Entertainment industry.

Due to her success she becamethe first Black Woman working to set the agenda and support the companies commitment to improving Mental Health, Mindfulness and Meditation. Along with eight others, together Sharnade will be supporting the brands mission to improve the health and happiness of the world

Celebrity Interviews

Sharnade created her online conversation series in 2020 interviewing Celebrities and influencers who would open up to her about their personal Mental Health stories and how they overcome their troubles, helping to encourage healthy conversations about Mental health and Therapy.

Magazine Contributor

Sharnade was voted as Women’s Health Favourite Expert, Sharnade regularly writes featured articles and contributes comments for the national and international press on a diverse range of topics ranging from; Celebrity behaviour and current affairs, Psychology, Inclusion and Diversity, Wellbeing, Lifestyle advice and Self care.

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Film & TV Production work

Sharnade joined the welfare team with Channel 4 Documentary in partnership with Stop-Watch charity, providing psychological support for contributors.

Headspace International Advisory Board Member