Sharnade George is a well-established Celebrity Psychotherapist and founder of Cultureminds Therapy a directory services helping to improve access to psychological services within the creative industry. Having worked in the NHS for over 6 years she has now gone on to successfully established her career within the Media and Entertainment Industry.


Sharnade has made a dynamic and energetic impact to the Tv, Film and Media industry by bringing her fresh insight into evidence based psychological aspects of a wide range of topics on human behaviour. Sharnade has appeared on Tv and Radio as a Therapist expert providing Top tips and advice on wellness. Sharnade has worked with Tv productions on the popular channel 4 documentary “The Truth about Stop and Search” with Television Presenter Jermaine Jeans providing on call psychological services for cast contributors. With her psychological expertise and warm personality is constantly sought after by Top healthcare Magazines and she was voted by Women’s health Magazine favourite Mental Health expert, she has provided expert commentary to Cosmopolitan UK, The Independent, BBC, The Metro, Red Magazine and many other healthcare magazines.

In addition, she Is best known for being the host of her own online show and podcast called “Therapy with Shar” interviewing celebrities worldwide who open up and share with her their personal Mental health stories Sharnade has interviewed comedian Glozell Green, Singer Songwriter Jamelia Donaldson, BBC noughts and crosses Actor Bonnie Mbuli, UK Boxing champion Lawrence Okolie plus many stars. From her show she has been able to attract and provide psychological therapy to a diverse range of high-profile clients.

With her academic background in Psychology and Counselling Theory Sharnade has a deep interest in diversity and inclusion she has work with top health-care brands including the Headspace App where she was appointed as the first Black woman on their international advisory board member, working to set the agenda and support the company’s commitment to improving mental health, mindfulness and meditation.


Celebrity Interviews

Sharnade created her online conversation series in 2020 interviewing Celebrities and influencers who would open up to her about their personal Mental Health stories and how they overcome their troubles, helping to encourage healthy conversations about Mental health and Therapy.

Magazine Contributor

Sharnade was voted as Women’s Health Favourite Expert, Sharnade regularly writes featured articles and contributes comments for the national and international press on a diverse range of topics ranging from; Celebrity behaviour and current affairs, Psychology, Inclusion and Diversity, Wellbeing, Lifestyle advice and Self care.

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Film & TV Production work

Sharnade joined the welfare team with Channel 4 Documentary in partnership with Stop-Watch charity, providing psychological support for contributors.

Headspace International Advisory Board Member