Thousands of people use Cultureminds therapy to find therapist who are culturally competent and can help them with their mental health concerns, relationships issue, support for their loved ones and other challenges. If your looking for a therapist for yourself or a loved browse our directory to find a qualified therapist near you.

We believe that representation of culture is very important for all individuals seeking therapy, which is why our mission is to normalise therapy and improve access to these services for people from diverse communities. If you need help with finding a therapist you are not alone, the process can seem scary as a duty of care to all people we come in into contact with us your safety is always our first priority.

We the UK’s leading therapist matching service for the Black and Asian community, providing a safe and confidential way to book therapy online with a culturally competent Counsellor, Psychotherapist or Psychologist. All of our therapist have come from the National Health service and are now working in private practise with over 5 years experience, specialised in different issues, offer counselling in more than 10 languages.


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Our Mission

We are on a mission to address the inequality of access to therapeutic services for diverse communities. We want to encourage more people from all cultures to not suffer in silence and support them in finding a therapist who truly understands their indiviudal needs.

What you can expect from us

safe & confidential

Booking a Therapist with us will always be safe, secure and confidential. In cases of risk signposting can be arranged in which we will always communicate with you.


We always put our clients at the heart of what we do and we know that finding a therapist can sometimes feel overwhelming. We are aware that some mental health conditions may need in-patient care and we will always communicate this with you if this is something you need.


We are on a mission to prevent long term emotional suffering and we believe that therapy can help anyone transform their lives, which is why we ensure that we help you every step of the way when being matched with one of our therapist.


All of our therapist have been hand picked, by our team, all of which we have good and trusted relationships with. We build a rapport with all of professionals who share the same ethos.

A Message from our Founder

Clinical Director: Sharnade George [email protected]

Hi Everyone and welcome to Cultureminds Therapy

My name is Sharnade and I am the Founder and Clinical director of Culturemindstherapy Therapy. I am a Celebrity Therapist and Magazine contributor with a love for all things related to mental health. 

Building this platform was inspired by so many different stories, which I hope can also inspire you…

It all started when was told I couldn’t become a Clinical psychologist because this was considered a “White middle class job” In addition to this during the start of my career in becoming a therapist I noticed that there was a disproportional amount of professional from the Black and Asian community. The lack of diversity was worrying for many years I could count on one hand how many Psychologist, Counsellors or Psychotherapist I had come across, within the National healthcare profession people like me were hard to find, particularly those who were making important decisions about the wellbeing of others.

I knew from early on in my career that I wanted to create a platform of diverse qualified, trusted professional’s offering therapy for people who need support, people who are tired of being judged, stereotyped or not seen. Being able to find a professional who understands you and your culture can be essential for your healing and therapeutic journey.

2019 I decided I wanted to create an online platform interviewing people about mental health and hearing their personal stories and how they overcome their struggles, so this is what I created and from this I could see how it was helping other people feel inspired to share their story and also seek therapy for their past issues which were affecting them today. Fast forward 2020 during a pandemic here we are today ready and waiting to help you take care of your Mental health, ending Transgenerational Trauma and building Generational Wealth.

I hope that you can find a Therapist with us.


Our Team

Charly Bowen


Charly is a Berlin / London based writer who is on a journey to living a balanced life. When she isn’t looking vegan food or doing yoga, you can find her reading on sunny windowsills. Charly’s interest in Mental Health stems from personal and ongoing commitment to therapy, mindfulness and anxiety management.