Therapy is for everyone, no problem is too big or too small and we believe in inclusion and diversity within healthcare industry. Thousands of people use Cultureminds therapy to get matched with a qualified professional tailored to their individual needs. Therapy is not a one size fits all and there are many professionals whoo specialise in various different mental health conditions and can help you on your journey of healing.

Representation is so important and we want to give all of our clients the opportunity to choose a therapist who they believe can understand their culture and upbringing. Studies have show that when a Mental Health professional understands the role that cultural differences play in the diagnosis of a condition and incorporates cultural needs and differences into a person’s care i’ts significantly improves outcomes. If your looking for a therapist for yourself or a loved browse our directory to find a qualified therapist near you.

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What you can expect from us

safe & confidential

Booking a Therapist with us will always be safe, secure and confidential. In cases of risk signposting can be arranged in which we will always communicate with you.


We always put our clients at the heart of what we do and we know that finding a therapist can sometimes feel overwhelming. We are aware that some mental health conditions may need in-patient care and we will always communicate this with you if this is something you need.


We are on a mission to prevent long term emotional suffering and we believe that therapy can help anyone transform their lives, which is why we ensure that we help you every step of the way when being matched with one of our therapist.


All of our therapist have been hand picked, by our team, all of which we have good and trusted relationships with. We build a rapport with all of professionals who share the same ethos.

A Message from our Founder

CEO and Founder: Sharnade George

Contact: [email protected]

The Power of Representation is so important..

Hi my name is Sharnade and I am a Celebrity Psychotherpaist, Magazine Contributor who works within the Media and Entertainment Industry on Tv and Radio.

My love for therapy started when I worked in a psychiatric hospital with children and adolescents with different mental health presentations, being a witness to the trajectory of my patients journey, seeing how they recovered I knew this was the profession for me. As a Black Woman training as a Therapist I hardly I noticed the lack of diversity within this professional field which caused me to frequently doubt myself and the role I wanted to pursue, I even remember being told by a colleague “You cannot become a Psychologist, that’s a whole middle class job” I knew form this point that I had to change my fears to strength and this was why Cultureminds Therapy was born in 2020 during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

I strongly believe that successful therapy depends on the right Client-Therapist match and with Cultureminds Therapy we want to achieve exactly that. We want to give all our clients the opportunity to have a therapist who can understand their individual holistic needs.

I hope that you can find a Therapist with us.