Welcome to Cultureminds Therapy the creative world of Mental health and Therapy, we believe in inclusion and diversity and our aim is to provide access to psychological services within the creative industry and we are committed to improving diversity, equality, and inclusion in the film and TV industry making the industry a safe place for all. We specialise in supporting Tv production companies and Talent agencies in key areas related to mental health and self-care we pride ourselves in offering tailored services to meet the specific needs of the production teams we offer are services to. Working within the Media and Entertainment industry can be so exciting yet challenging and many of our clients want to seek support for their emotional and mental h health which can include overcoming mental blocks, manage low mood or anxiety, rebuild their confidence or get past a crisis if this is you we are here for you, no problem is too big or small.


Wellbeing Check -in

Our membership has been created to help equip you with the psychological tools needed when working in the industry and is available to everyone working in film, TV, Production Managers Casting Agents and those Freelancing on a project.


If you have noticed a change in your mental wellbeing or you would like a step in the right direction of how to take care of our mental health, we are here for you and can help you with this by providing the support you need in the here and now along with a road map of the net steps you can take

Our services

On/ Off set psychological support

We can provide on location Therapist to support both cast and crew, providing consultancy and advice to production executives during production

trusted professionals

We can supply clinical professionals with specialist expert experience for any type of television or filming project in the UK or Overseas, including pre-production screening, support during production.

Mental health training

Training workshops are offered to improve production team's knowledge of mental health presentations for contributors / talent, raising awareness for production team's self-care.

Risk Assessment

If you are casting a reality TV show or other form of entertainment production, we provide ‘Psychological Risk Assessment, to safeguard contributor’s welfare and reveal any specific needs or vulnerabilities that the potential participant may have, early on in the process.