Welcome to the Culture

We are here to provide psychological services within the creative industry and for people working within the Tv, Film and Media industry providing a duty of care that specialises in maintaining wellness daily. We strongly believe in inclusion and diversity and we our on a mission to provide access to psychological services within the Tv, Film and media industry, we are committed to improving diversity, equality, and inclusion in the film and TV industry making the industry a safe place for all.The media and entertainment industry is known to be a high-stress and demanding industry that can take a toll on its workers and we understand that there are still ongoing issues related to mental health within this industry including, underrepresentation, long working hours, job insecurity, lack of support, stigma attached to mental health, harassment and discrimination plus so much more. This is why we are here to address these issues and to help the industry take proactive steps in improving diversity and inclusion, implementing policies and initiatives to address discrimination and bias, providing a duty of care on/off set and creating a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.