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Anxiety and Mindfullness

There are many different anxiety disorders as well as different scales and levels of anxiety but to speak generally, anxiety is a feeling of general unease, worry or fear that

How to Clear your Thoughts

Three techniques you can try at home  ‘The Monkey Mind’ is a concept that comes from Buddhism. To have a Monkey Mind is to be troubled by constant thoughts, worries,

Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is the process of training your mind to be calm, focus and redirect your thoughts. It’s not about cutting off thoughts completely or ‘shutting down’ but accepting that distracting

Affirmations For Mindfulness

Positive affirmations can be powerful in helping to challenge negative thoughts. It’s not a simple fix and it’s not easy to go from an overwhelmingly negative thought pattern to a


‘Mindfulness’ has entered the vocabulary of the mainstream in recent years and seems like it’s here to stay, but what does it actually mean? To be mindful is to be

Writing a Love Letter to Yourself

There is significant power in writing stuff down. It sounds simple but organising your busy thoughts on paper can help you to understand them and comprehend feelings that you might