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Obstacles in Self Love

Self-love is a state of acceptance and is therefore not an easy thing to achieve- in fact, it is a constant journey and process with many peaks, troughs and setbacks. 

Self-Love Reflection

What Is Self Love?  In order to practise self love, we must first learn what it means.  Self love is an appreciation of oneself. It’s not something we are born

5 Kind things to say about yourself

“My mistakes do not define me”  Mistakes happen to everybody every day. It might be that you said the wrong thing and hurt someone, you clicked ‘reply all’ on a

How to Practise Self-love during COVID-19

Isolation, illness and a total disruption to daily routine can understandably have a devastating effect on ones mental health, so it’s no wonder that 69% of UK adults report feeling

5 Ways Culture Impacts Mental Health

With the rise in depression and anxiety, the need for awareness and advocacy are also in high demand for many people worldwide. Have you ever thought about how your culture

My Personal Story

My name is L and I am 40 year old business owner and proud father. Please take the time to read about my experiences with therapy and consider having some

My Personal Story

I only dropped my phone could be the famous words…  I dropped my phone and it seemed that the world had ended or someone close to me had died…the tears