Family problems 

Every family is different but most families have the same issues. Family problems can occur even in the halthiest of families because no one is perfect and life is not perfect. Family problems occur when relationships between family members become troubled, resulting in challenging, complex interactions. Distressing family dynamics can greatly impact the functioning of all family members particulary for individuals living in the same household. When each family member does not got along this can impact all members mental and physical health. Family problems from mild – serve will be challenging but it is something which can be worked on to prevent families from failing apart.

Signs of Family Problems

  • Poor communication.
  • Unpredictably and fear
  • Lack of boundaries and trust.
  • Violence and abuse.
  • Anger / Frustration.
  • Avoidance.
  • Frequent ongoing arguments.
  • Feeling of loneliness / constant upset.

Common Family Problems

Environment – Living in a difficult household dynamic, within close proximity and not having any time or space for yourself, feeling trapped.

Changes to Family – Changes to the family dynamics, moving, separation, new baby, new extended family.

Finances – Financial struggles can cause stress and anxiety, limiting family leisures and causing more strain.

Work – No work life balance, lack of emotional support within the family can cause a strain on the members of the household. Lack of commnication –

Unhealthy communication styles – Lack of communication or miscommunication lead to arguments or disagreements, which can further lead to unresolved problems and conflict.

Infidelity – Infidelity or unfaithfulness can be the cause of family separating and breaking apart. Issue like this can cause a division within the family which can lead to arguments, fights and added strain on the relationship within the household.

How therapy can help

Family therapy can help support families who are having problems and finding it difficult to resolve within the family unit. Working with a Therapist families can expect to learn how to understand each other, communictae and work together proactively, managing unhelathy pattens effecting the family dynamics.

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