Developing a sense of identity is an essential part of an individuals life, identity is something which evolves over time. Struggling with your identity is normal and many people experience this in some stage of their life. If you are experiencing an identity crisis, you maybe questioning your sense of self or identity. Identity may be classified by religion, gender or ethnicity. Developing a sense of identity is being able to grow into the person you destined to be and for some this can be challenging for various different reasons. Not having a strong sense of identity may lead to Low self esteem or Anxiety.

How can identity issues develop

Identity issues can develop if an individual fails to identify with themselves and not having a string sense of who they are and their purpose in life. Identity struggles can lead to questioning yourself, your existence and your purpose. Identity issues can develop as a result of a difficult childhood, not being brought up knowing who you are or your history, trauma or not being brought up by your biological family.


How Therapy can help

Struggling with identity issues can impact how you think , feel and behave this can be towards yourself, the world and others. Identity issues can trigger mental health challenges and feelings of isolation. Therapy will provide you with a space to be open in exploring your thoughts about yourself and who you are. Your therapist will be supportive in encouraging you to not feel afraid in outfitting your emotions and strengthen your sense of self.

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