Psychological Service for Tv, Film and Media

Taking the lead on what matters relating to diversity and culture, we specialise in supporting production companies, providing psychological services to safeguard the welfare of everyone involved in your production. We work with both large and small productions in the UK and overseas, tailoring our service to each production. We want to help improve psychological welfare for Tv show contributors, preventing psychological injury or ill health as a result of appearing on Tv.

On location service

Providing location production support for both cast and crew. Services can be for on-set or on call.

Aftercare support

Aftercare support for contributors after appearing in the public eye or from being involved in highly emotive production sets.

Psychological Screening

Screening to protect welfare of production team and cast. Assessing psychological resilience, fitness to consent, motivation to participate.


Mental Health Training

Wellbeing workshops training to help improve the teams knowledge of Mental health within the Media and Entertainment industry.

Specialist support for Production Team

Support for production team with risk of exposure to emotive material.

Tv Format & Script consultancy

Format and ethical script writing support to help protect and safeguard proaction team.

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