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About me and my therapy practice

About me and my therapy practice

Are you struggling with Depression, Anxiety or perhaps you’ve developed a negative core belief about yourself the world and others based on your past life experiences, if this is you I work with clients just like you so please feel free to contact me,

Many of my clients struggle with Depression, Generalised Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety some even struggle with day to day issues but are noticing an impact on their Mental health and want to make a change for the better. We all have mental health and its ok to not feel equipped with looking after your mental health, this is why you find a therapist. I am a Qualified Psychotherapist, with over 6 years’ experience working with clients who have a range of psychological difficulties, I currently work in the NHS Monday – Friday with weekends and evenings being devoted to my private practise with clients. I take a Positive Psychology stance in my work, helping you focus on your strengths but also helping you overcome unhelpful core beliefs. When working with my clients, I am very collaborative and my style of work is equipping you with the tools and techniques you need to take better care of your Mental Health and feel confident within yourself daily, the trajectory of your emotions, and mood will fluctuate in session but there is no growth without change. I have worked with a range of clients ranging from the general public to high profile celebrities.

Aside form my private practise I am also a member of the Headspace International advisory board, supporting the companies’ commitments to improving Mental health, Mindfulness and Meditation. I also work heavily within the Media and Entrainment industry, as I am commissioned to provide expert commentary on Radio and Television having been featured on BBC sounds and Premier gospel. I also like to inspire people through my writing, being a Magazine contributor I provide expert commentary for several publications including; Women’s Health, The Metro, Cosmopolitan UK, The independent, Red Magazine, Huff post plus various other Healthcare Magazines. In addition.

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We all have Mental health and sometimes, we can encounter difficult experiences in life that can have an impact on the way we think, feel, behave and navigate our world. From these negative experiences we develop negative core beliefs about ourselves the world and others which can maintain how we are feeling. I believe that Therapy should be accessible to all and can help all, no problem is too big or too small, as humans we all posses the right tools to help us in life, sometimes these tools need to be re learnt as we develop and encounter life. I work collaboratively with my clients helping you become your own Therapist, please do not feel you have to suffer in silence.
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Depression Generalised Anxiety Social Anxiety Panic disorder Anger Management Self-esteem Stress Management


£90 - £90 / per session

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My Availability


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