Lifestyle Behaviours and Mental Health

Mental health is part of every health and we can’t be healthy if we neglect our mind. Paying attention to your lifestyle choices is important for maintaing a good mental wellbeing and for recovery. Mental health is influenced by your living conditions and life events, increasing evidence indicates that your lifestyle can have a positive effect on your psychological wellbeing helping to reduce depression, anxiety, stress and increasing life satisfaction. Having Being aware of how your lifestyle can affect your mental health can make it easier for you to understand when you or someone else maybe struggling. Below are some helpful tips and links to support you in taking care of your mental health and lifestyle.

Healthy Eating

Get Active

Healthy Sleep

Hobbies and Interest

Apps we like...

Digital tools and Apps have been proven in helping individuals take better care of their mental wellbeing. Below are some helpful apps, we like that can help improve your mental wellbeing. Gentle reminder these apps are not to replace treatment you are considering or currently in, apps work alongside professional help.

Calm App

No.1 App for Meditation and Sleep

Headspace App

Meditation and Sleep App

Daylio App

Diary, Journal and Mood Tracker App

Shine App

Daily Self-care App for the Black and Asian community

My Possible Self App

Reduce stress, anxiety and low mood

Student Health App

Easy access to health information for students